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MTM 50 Round Deluxe Rifle Ammo Box 220 Swift 22-250 243 308 Win

Item# H50-RM-

Bullet tip protection - Strong handle - Lockable

For: 220 Swift, 22-250, 243 Win., 308 Win., 6mm Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor

Made of rugged polypropylene with scuff resistant textured finish

Maximum Overall Length = 2.90

Mechanical hinge Stackable - Load label - 10 year guarantee - Made in USA

Redesigned for 2017

These deluxe 50 round ammo boxes were designed for the ultimate ammo protection and ease of transporting. Ideal ammunition storage for competitive shooters, varmint hunters and precision reloaders. Bullets are placed in the box in the down position and are protected by four special fingers. These fingers are designed to keep most bullet tips from hitting the bottom of the box, preventing tip damage that can change bullet flight characteristics. There is also extra space provided between rounds to facilitate easy removal. Stackable design and has generously proportioned handle for easy carrying. The case has a scuff resistant textured finish and a strong full length hinge. Made out of Polypropylene, that won't crack, chip, contract, expand or warp. TSA compliant. 10 year guarantee and comes with a pressure sensitive load label for recording load data.

Calibers are list bullet up.

H50-RM holds: 22BR, 22 Cheetah, 22 PPC, 220 Rus., 220 Swift, 22-250, 224 Wby. Mag., 224 Valkyrie, 225 Win., 243 Win., 25 Rem., 250 Sav., 270 Win., 244 Rem., 28-30 Sevens, 30 Rem., 300 Sav., 307 Win., 308 Win., 32 Rem., 35 Rem., 350 Rem. Mag., 360 Nitro Express 2 1/4, 375 Rimless 2 ", 401 Win. S. L., 5.6x52 Rimmed, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5x50 Jap Arisaka, 6.5 x 54mm Mann-Schoen., 6.5x55mm Swedish, 6.8mm Rem. Spl., 6mm BR-DX, 600 Norma BR, 6mm PPC USA, 6mm Rem., 6mm-284 Win., 7mm BR, 7mm TCU, 7mm-08 Rem., 7.5 Carano, 7.5 x 54 French MAS, 7.62x39 Rus., 7.65x53 Mauser.

Bullet UP Max. OAL= 2.90"

Bullet DOWN Max. OAL= 3.75"

All MTM Case-Gard's are MADE IN USA in their factory in Dayton Ohio.