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MTM Portable Rifle Maintenance & Cleaning Center Red

RMC-1 in Red
RMC-1 in Red
Item# RMC-1-30

Portable Gun Maintenance Center

Designed to be brought to the range for easy cleaning of rifles or shotguns. Working in tandem with the Case-Gard Shooters Accessory Box(#A-760-40 Sold seperate). The RMC-1 will fit conveniently on top for transportation. The rubber over-molded padded forks pop out and can be stored in the base along with your cleaning supplies. You can mount scopes, swivels, bedding of actions, etc. The large middle section is to store your tools and cleaning supplies in one area. RMC's forks come with two rifle cleaning rod slots and a larger slot for shotgun or muzzle loader rods. Make it the ultimate gun cleaning kit. Dimensions: 23.2"x 3.5"x 11