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MTM Pistol Handgun Long Term Storage Case 4" Revolver Black

804 in Black
804 in Black
Item# 804-40

804 Handgun Storage Box

Ideal for gun safes.

The handgun storage box was designed for storing semi-automatics and revolvers with a barrel length of four inches or less. Ideal for gun safes. A closed cell foam pad is provided to lay your gun on. Closed cell foam does not wick away as much gun oils like standard open cell foams do and is best for storing long term. The box incorporates a compartment for a desiccant, and a second compartment, which will accommodate a magazine, or cleaning components. Pad lockable.

804-40 For storing full size semi-auto's and revolvers up to 4" barrel.

Outer Dimensions: 10.2" x 7.2" x 2.2".