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4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal - Color Off Speck

4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal - Color Off Speck
Item# AC4C-OS

4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal - Color Off Speck

Color OFF Speck -

4-Can Ammo Crate 30 Cal - Limited Quantites Available!

A rugged tactical carrying crate for multi-caliber ammo storage and transport. Comes with four, O-ring sealed 30 Caliber ammo cans(AC30T) for multi-caliber ammo storage. 30 Caliber ammo cans are a convenient size to store all types of bulk ammo. The only problem is, that they are easier to knock over than the larger ammo cans. Now you can stack them as tall as you want in these specialized crates. Made of rugged polypropylene to last. Stackable and strapable with four tie down spots for ATV attachment.

Outside Dimensions of loaded up crate: 23.5 x 11.3 x 7.5(H)

AC30T ammo can features include:

Water-resistant O-ring seal

Double padlock tabbed

Molded-in stacking ridges

Heavy-duty, latching systems

Inside: 3.4(L) x 8.9(W) x 6.1(H)

Outside: 5(L) x 11.3(W) x 7.2(H)

Each can is designed to hold up to 15 pounds of ammo

Color: Dark earth cans/Forest Green Crate

UPC# 0-26057-36262-5