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MTM Arrow Plus Case 36 Arrows upto 36.2" in All Black

BH-37S-40 Arrow Plus Box in Black
BH-37S-40 Arrow Plus Box in Black
Item# BH-37S-40

BH-37S-40 Arrow Plus Box in Black
Discontinued Product

Arrow-Plus Box

The Arrow-Plus Box is a unique styled arrow and accessory case. 36+ arrow capacity or able to hold 18 arrows and an average quiver. Holds two removable sights by their sight bars. The four large compartments have been designed to hold wrist guards, tabs, stabilizers, scents, foot steps, range finders, etc. They can also be used to hold our BH-1. The built-in broadhead wrench will always be there when you need it. Cross vector latching makes for impact resistant openings. Made of luggage grade injection molded polypropylene to last and is pad-lockable for security.

BH-37S- Holds up to 36 1/4" total length arrows.

Dimensions: 37" x 10 1/4" x 5 1/4"

Color: All Black