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MTM Bow Maintenance Center Red

BMC-30 Bow Maintenance Center
BMC-30 Bow Maintenance Center
Item# BMC-30


Bow Maintenance Center

The specially designed padded forks act like an extra set of hands gripping the bow at two points in the position you need it held! The molded on straps are for a secure hold of the bow, when in the upright position. The large base is designed with 9 cavities to help organize the keep your specialty tools close at hand. A fully assembled bow, with sights and stabilizers, is completely accessible for adjustments, maintenance and repairs.

When used with a portable bow press (sold separately), the Bow Maintenance Center makes it possible for you to fix just about anything that comes up at hunting camp or the big tournament. Cradling any bow in up to nine different positions.

Base Dimensions: 29 1/4" x 4" x 9 1/2"