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MTM EZ-3 Clay Bird Thrower

EZ-3 in Red
EZ-3 in Red
Item# EZ-3

EZ-3 in Red
Worlds Easiest Handheld Clay Thrower MTM® Case-Gard introduces the world’s easiest, handheld clay target thrower…no tricky gimmicks, no tangled bands or expensive mechanics, just easy, affordable clay launching fun.

The EZ-3’s all new, patent pending, “Power Pivot Arm” makes sending clays easier than ever before. People normally lacking the arm strength for hand-held target throwers suddenly find themselves swinging clays as far and true as the big boys. Split-second trajectory changes, with no mechanical adjustments, means hours of challenging, fast paced shooting fun.

• Equals MTM’s “Original EZ-II” velocity, with 30% less effort

• No hassling with bands, springs or mechanical parts

• All new, comfort-grip handle, with “Power Pivot Arm”

• Rugged construction with MTM’s 5 year guarantee

• Throws left or right handed

• Uses standard 4.5” clay targets

Item No: EZ-3

Color: Red (30)

Made in the USA