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MTM Case-Gard 22 Long Rifle 100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box P-100-22-24

Item# P-100-22-24
$3.67, 5/$17.43, 10/$33.03
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For 22 Long Rifle and 25 ACP

Scuff-resistant textured surface with clear view top

Stackable design with feet, full length mechanical hinge

Snap-lock latch

25 year guarantee; Made in USA

Designed for varmint hunters, weekend plinkers and anyone needing to organize their 22 long rifle ammunition. P-100 series features a scuff-resistant textured surface, snap-lock latch, stacking feet, full length mechanical hinge and unheard of, 25 year guarantee.

The P-100-22-24 comes in clear blue color.