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MTM Ammo Box 200 Round Flip-Top 9mm 380 ACP

Item# P200-9
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The 200 Round Ammo Box Series was conceived to address the growing handloading movement and the difficulties shooters and hunters currently face in trying to acquire factory ammunition. Common defensive loads, in particular, are being assembled in larger quantities by hand loaders across the country, and with that comes the need for efficient storage of cartridges produced at those higher volumes.

• Each size provides a sturdy 200 round base with two flip-top lids covering 100 rds. each

• A strong snap latch secures each cover

• Reliable mechanical hinges

• Stable, multi-stack design

• Made of tough, heavy-duty polypropylene.

• Comes with load label and MTM’s 25 year guarantee. Made in USA


In bullet DOWN only: 38 Short, 38 S&W

Bullet UP or Down For: 9mm Luger, 380 ACP, 30 Luger, 32 S&W, 9mm Makarov

Max. OAL = 1.22"

If you do not see the color you were looking for, it is most likely out of stock at this time!