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MTM Predator Shooting Rest - Rifle & Handgun Rest Red

Predator Shooting Rest - PSR-30
Predator Shooting Rest - PSR-30
Item# PSR-30
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Predator Shooting Rest - PSR-30
Predator Shooting Rest

The MTM Predator Shooting Rest (PSR), with its exclusive solid four-legged stance, provides the stable, rock-solid gun rest that shooters demand of expensive heavy metal rifle rests, only at a fraction of the weight(3.5 pounds). Equally suited for rifle and handgun enthusiasts, the PSR is lightweight and fully adjustable. The PSRís butt stock support not only levels the rest to uneven surfaces but also adjusts to fit any size long gun. Remove the support completely and PSR becomes a stand-alone handgun rest or front rifle rest. A precision dialed height adjuster allows the shooter to zero in for pinpoint accuracy. The advanced design of the Predatorís front rubber shooting pad offers solid contact with just about any shaped stock or barrel. If you are looking for a stable, rock-solid shooting platform at a reasonable price any gun enthusiast could afford, youíll want to check out MTMís Predator Shooting Rest.

A customer wrote in the following.

I have been a customer of MTM Case-Gard for many years. I have and use ammo boxes, gun cases, gun cleaning stations, gear boxes and more. I have always appreciated your products but I take exception with the new Predator gun rest. My fondness for this product goes well beyond appreciation. It is nothing short of fantastic! I have more rests, bags and pods than I can count. They range in price from $0.00(homemade) to well over $400 (machine front rest) and since I bought my Predator they pretty well stay in the drawer of my shooting bench (bench is a self contained camper customized into an all-weather shooting bench). The Predator is a superior product that would have saved me literally hundreds of dollars had it come along years ago.

M. Brasel, Watson, Il. 2005