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MTM Shooting Range Box

RBMC - Shooting Range Box
RBMC - Shooting Range Box
Item# RBMC-11
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RBMC - Shooting Range Box
Shooting Range Box

We set out to make a shooting range box that you could turn it to the ultimate cleaning kit and maintenance stand for your shooting needs. Sporting a toolbox top and cleaning-station base, the RBMC utilizes a two-piece design for compact transport and convenient use once you get there. The tool section offers loads of divided space for jags, brushes, solvents…etc, keeping items sorted and organized. The base or ‘cleaning station’ offers plenty of deep storage for supplies and ammo. A pair of adjustable gun forks featuring soft, over-molded rubber padding offers easy positioning of firearms with a firm, non-marring hold. The overall length of the Shooting Range Box provides excellent stability for nearly any size firearm, as well as room for hard to fit items like collapsible cleaning rods or tripod extensions.

Color: Forest Green with Clear Smoke Lid