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MTM Ammo Box 20 Round Belt Style 300 Win Mag 45-70 7mm Rem Mag Camo

RL-20 in Wild Camo
RL-20 in Wild Camo
Item# RL-20-09

RL-20 in Wild Camo
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Worn on the belt or back pack strap, the CASE-GARD 20 ammo carrier puts twenty rounds at the hunter's fingertips. Each cartridge fits into its own recess, bullet down, for easy removal. The bullets tips are not allowed to touch the bottom of the case in most of the calibers listed, due to two special ribs. Bullet tip damage can change the flight characteristics of the bullet. Contents are protected from dust and moisture, and the MTM Snap-Lock latch prevents accidental openings. Calibers listed will fit in case and most will have bullet tip protection. Some calibers listed will not have the bullet protection because of case or bullet type design. Most cases have little to no rattle for quiet transport.

If your caliber has rattle you can purchase the FL-1 Foam Liner which will quiet down three RL-20 cases.

RL-20- 240 / 257 / 300 / 340 / 7mm Wby. Mag., 257 Roberts, 260 Rem., 264 / 300 / 330 / 338 Win. Mag., 303 Brit., 308 / 358 Norma Mag., 284 / 348 Win., 350 / 7mm Rem. Mag., 40-60 Marlin, 45-70 Govt., 6.5-284 LAPUA, 7X61 Sharpe 7 Hart, 7x64 Brenneke, 7-30 Waters