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MTM Ammo Box 20 Round Belt Style 30-30 308 22-250 243 Win Green

RM-20 in MTM Green
RM-20 in MTM Green
Item# RM-20-10
$7.97, 5/$37.85

Worn on the belt or back pack strap, the CASE-GARD 20 ammo carrier puts twenty rounds at the hunter's fingertips. Each cartridge fits into its own recess, bullet down, for easy removal. The bullets tips are not allowed to touch the bottom of the case, due to two special ribs. Bullet tip damage can change the flight characteristics of the bullet. Contents are protected from dust and moisture, and the MTM Snap-Lock latch prevents accidental openings. Calibers listed should have bullet tip protection, based on bullet type, and little or no rattle.

RM-20- 219 Donaldson Wasp, 219Zipper, 22 PPC, 220 Rus., 220 Swift, 22-250, 243 / 30-30 / 307 / 308 / 44-40 Win., 250 / 300 / 303 Sav., 308 Marlin Exp., 32 Win. S.L., 35 / 6mm / 7mm-08 Rem., 401 Win. S. L., 6.5 Rem. Mag., 6.5x50 Jap. Arisaka, 6.5x52 Italian, 6.5x55mm Swedish, 6mm PPC USA, 7.62x39 Rus., 7.65x53 Mauser, 7mm BR, 8mm-06