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MTM Sportman's Rump Rester Turkey Hunting Seat Forest Green

SRR - Sportman's Rump Rester
SRR - Sportman's Rump Rester
Item# SRR-11
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SRR - Sportman's Rump Rester
Sportsman's Rump Rester

Ideal Turkey Hunting Seat

Sportsmen’s Rump Rester - You have to be comfortable while in your turkey hunting seat, to sit still in the woods so turkeys will not see you. MTM Rump Rester Ground Hunting Seats are comfortable because of the special contour of the seat. Once set up, the Rump Rester provides a comfortable shooting position, holding the hunter up next to a tree with an angled seat. They can be used in either direction depending on the slope of the ground. You will be up off the tree roots and rocks.

The ¾” nylon strap is for hands-free carrying. We have molded in four 12ga. shotshell holders in our turkey hunting seat, to prevent fumbling for ammo when you really need it. The feet our twice as wide as other hunting seats so you won't sink into the forest floor on those wet morning hunts. Fishing Rod slots on both sides offer bank fishermen a place to prop their rods.