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Magazine Wallet

WC-1-70 Magazine Wallet
WC-1-70 Magazine Wallet
Item# WC-1-70

WC-1-70 Magazine Wallet
CLEARANCE SALE - Limited Quantities

Recently found deep in the warehouse was a few cases of the Magazine Wallets. This product was discontinued about 10 years ago when the fat magazines came out on to the market. They store, protect and conceal a magazine or clip in a dust free environment for back up rounds. Ideal for today’s CCL holders.

They were designed around the original 45 auto Colt magazine without anything attached to it. They also fit magazine from 39 & 59 S&W, Liamas, Stars, Astra, Sterlings, Walther PP and PPK’s and others.

Will not fit High Standard 22, Lugers, Brownings, Glocks of any other fat magazines.

Size: If your magazine is less than 5.25” long and is smaller then 1.375” by .77” thick it will work.

Color: Brown

Item code: WC-1-70